Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 - Joy


My word for 2015.

Last year, it was Extravagant. It was the first year I had tried this and I found it to be very beneficial. Laser focus. What do I want to focus my energy on? Learning to give love extravagantly... not dole it out as it is "earned" or "deserved", or when it's easy. Not just when it makes sense, but when it doesn't. When no one expects it -- especially then. As Christ does. No matter what. Go big or go home.

This year, it's Joy.

I've talked a lot about my battles with doubt and cynicism. I'm kind of tired of that about myself. Not that my doubts are going to dissolve -- because I'm just cynical enough to believe they won't. But I'm ready to do battle - to make sure that cynicism and doubt don't eat away at my soul, don't cause me to become some bitter, old, hermit, cat lady.  I don't want to be her.

So, this year, my laser focus will be on Joy.

In the midst of my doubts.

In the midst of my cynicism.

In the midst of the hard parts of life.


I came across a tool that I'm hoping will help me keep this focus. I've shared it on Facebook, but I'll link it here in case you missed it. ( The download gives you three prompts each day of the year to help you open your eyes, look around and find Joy in the mundane, in the normal, in the routine of every day life.  Some of them are a little intimidating to me - "How do I find Joy, gratefulness in THAT?" - but, hey, if it were easy, it wouldn't be a challenge, now would it?

My goal is to post on Facebook each day, or at least most days, with the simple Joys I've found that day.  Some of you have already joined me in this, and in just two days, your words have already been so encouraging to me.  I'd love for a whole bunch of you to jump on this Joy bandwagon with me -- fight the demons of cynicism and bitterness. They don't deserve to win.

2015 - Joy.

Join me?