Tuesday, October 1, 2013



This'll be short and to the point.

Brian and Dylan leave tomorrow for India with Steve Hollingsworth, of 4Him ministries.  Brian and Steve will be gone for 2 1/2 weeks.  Dylan for some extended time after that (not sure of his return date yet).

If you haven't been following this, they will be serving alongside an Indian pastor in Chennai that trains young pastors and then supports their work (teaching, encouraging, and helping them to be come self-sustaining) as they go back to their home villages, all over India - starting schools and, often, churches. Much of his work is with the Dalite people groups. They will be working with pastors, students, children and whoever else God brings in their path.

My heart is incredibly full today.  I'm SO proud of these two men in my life.  They are both reaching way outside of their comfort zones - doing what love does - what faith does.  Which is just that -- it DOES.

Please pray.

Pray they will be empty vessels, that God can pour Himself through.
Pray they will risk, and love, and give. Everyday.
Pray they will be a blessing and be blessed.
Pray they will both see and be light in the midst of great darkness.
Pray they will bring life lessons back to share with the Bodies they worship and serve with.
Pray they will be changed forever.
Pray for wisdom as they teach, learn from and invest in the lives of pastors, students, children.
Pray for their health - specifically 1. that the introduction of so many new germs, foods, etc. will not make them sick;  2. Dylan's depression - that it would be well managed and he would have clear thought and peace.
Pray they will be able to rest when it's time to rest - no matter the environment - and feel refreshed when it's time to work again.

I'm so excited for them.

I'm so freaked out.

But I am at peace.

Can't wait to see what God has in store.

Love Does


  1. Praying...and buying you a coffee if you need one just to listen. :-)

    1. I do need that. So much. Or actually, I'd rather just hear you talk. I'm working a lot while they're gone, so I'll message you to see if we can meet one of those trips north. Thanks. :)

  2. SO praying for them...and you too dear Sherrie!
    God is good!