Saturday, November 9, 2013

Giving Thanks - Week One

I decided to move my Giving Thanks posts that I'm putting on Facebook over here.  For a couple of reasons:

 1. To share with my very, very few readers that aren't on Facebook.

  2. Because knowing my weakness and that I'm prone to forget, I want to preserve them in a place I can easily go back and remember.

So here they are --  Week One:

Day 1

I've never done the November thankfulness challenge, but considering how my day has gone today, I'm going to at least start it --

My Daddy had a cardio arteriogram followed by four stents put in this morning at St. Anthony's. He is recovering beautifully.

So today I am thankful for my Daddy, for medical advancements that allowed this to be discovered before anything life threatening happened, for doctors and nurses that took good care of him and for a God that provides.

I love you, Daddy! Thankful for YOU today!

Day 2

Two things:

1. My sister - she is so amazingly talented and she's sharing her time and talents with me today to make my dining room set beautiful again. Thank you, Stephanie - I love you!

2. My husband found Ding Dongs back on the shelf again and brought some home. Just one more reason he's awesome.

Day 3

 I'm thankful for my pastor. And here's the deal...I'm in the unique position of being married to my pastor. 

We all see the fruit of his study, he is a gifted teacher, he loves the people entrusted to him, he believes and lives out the importance of being light and salt in our community, he's transparent and honest. He's not afraid to take risks and try new approaches. He believes and lives out empowering others rather than being a one man show. We all see those things.

I see the times he is unfairly criticised. I see when he fails and isn't given the same grace most others get in times of failure. I see the hours and hours he invests in prayer and study to be able to faithfully teach. I see the forgiveness and grace he has extended to so many over the years - in measures that only come from the Spirit.

I am thankful for my pastor. If you haven't thanked your pastor recently, consider doing so. Most of them work harder than you'll ever know.

Brian Black - you da man. Thank you for being faithful where God has placed you.

Day 4

Provision. I used to say that pretty thoughtlessly...tack it on in a prayer before we eat and move on. But the places God has placed us to serve have taught me that food on our table is a gift. I am truly thankful and pray daily that I will look for ways to help those that struggle to feed their families.

Day 5

Not sure I even know how to say what I want to say tonight...

As Brian and I search for what God would have us investing in for this next stage of our life, I'm taking some training with CASA (if you don't know what this is, check it here: - even if I don't end up doing it, I can't think of a more worthy way to invest your time); I've been to a fostering/adoption conference, and we're talking to friends that have been active for years in this field.

I am over. whelmed. There is so much pain in this world.

And I am thankful.

Thankful that God lets us be a part of the answer.

I guess that's it. I'm thankful tonight that God let's us be part of the answer.

Day 6

I am thankful for my career. I know very few people that, 28 years after graduating college, still do and love what they trained to do.

It has provided me the flexibility to be a primarily stay-at-home mom and still stay in my field.

It never gets boring and I always feel like I'm making a positive contribution.

It has allowed me to work with and for some of the greatest people on the planet, even as we've moved to different communities throughout the years.

I love the culture, the language, the people. I am grateful.

Day 7

As I'm finally sitting in my house - after four of the last five days requiring a trip to OKC, I'm thankful for a dependable car that gets amazing gas mileage. I'm also incredibly grateful that I don't have to go back for five days. Now, to get that cup of hot tea...


  1. I love this so much Sherrie.... I didn't know about your Giving Thanks challenge. Reading others list makes me so much more thankful too. I was glad to see your mama the other day. Sure miss you, your folks, that pastor, and church too!

    1. I miss you too, Jeanette. There's hardly a week that goes by that I don't think of you and wish you were here.