Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today's Brave Act

Moving to the lighter side for a day.  My courageous, brave action for today?

This creature was in my closet this afternoon.  I went in to begin my spring cleaning (a little late, I know) in preparation for a garage sale, and this hideous beast was waiting for me when I picked up my running shoes.  You can't tell it from the picture, but it's as big as a small child...  

Okay... I'll be honest...  I measured him, and he's a little over two inches long when he spreads out his hideous, hairy legs...  but it felt much larger than that at the time.

We have many, many wolf spiders around here, so my first thought was that it was the biggest wolf spider I'd ever seen, kill it, move on...  As I looked at it again, I realized that it was not a wolf spider, but was, in fact, a tarantula!  This puts an entirely new spin on things.

Faced with two choices: kill it, or let it live... I chose to be brave and let it live.  I called my son in (never taking my eyes off of the beast) to get a pickle jar, and we proceeded to catch him and feed him a bug.  Dylan wants to keep him a few days to watch the carnage, and then we'll take him far, far, away from my home and let him go.

I felt very brave - at first.  

I am finding that there is going to be an ongoing need for courage as I consider the following:  just how did this hideous beast get to my closet? (The closet is almost the farthest point in the house from any outside entrances.); did it have babies somewhere in my house?; is it a baby with many other siblings waiting for me to pick up what they're hiding under?  The list is really endless...

Please pray for me... I have lots of cleaning that I really need to get on with. :)

What's the scariest thing you've ever found in your house?


  1. The scariest thing ever found in my house would have to be ... a tarantula.

  2. I am scared of wasps, so a wasps nest that was high up in a window...