Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bucket Lists

Can I just say it?  It's hot.

I'm sure no one else has noticed this, and I'm probably bursting the "cool" bubble you've all been living in - but it's really freakin' hot.

My favorite forms of exercise and staying-in-shape activities are all outside activities.  And it's hot.  I keep starting earlier and earlier trying to beat it, but it's nearly impossible now.  It. Is. Hot.

Okay... that's all out of my system - at least until the next time I go outside - so I'll move on...

I've been debating between a couple of goals to reach by the end of this year.  One was to do the 100 mile ride at Hotter 'n Hell at the end of August.  Last year I did the 100K and it was a great time.  A good friend of mine that did it with me was wanting to do the 100 mile this year and just about had me talked into joining her.  But now she has decided to put that off for another year and I've lost all momentum on that goal.  It doesn't take much to lose momentum right now (have I mentioned that it's hot? - sorry, I digress...).  So, on this one, I'm back to doing the 100K again.  I made it to 51 today!

Second goal, and I'm still strongly leaning toward this one, is to attempt a half marathon in either September or October.  I've been running for three or for years.  Started out more as "wogging", and while I'm still slow compared to most, I'm happy enough with my time and it has increased to what I would loosely define as running now.  I love it because it gives me time to pray, to process and think through the day, and relieves major amounts of stress.  I'm certain I'm a better person for it.

The furthest I've ran (run - which is it?) is 7 miles... so I have to nearly double that to accomplish this goal.  We'll see.  I'm gradually working up to running more each time so that my overall miles for the week is greater, and at least once a week adding a little more to my longest distance.  But I'm not a young chick anymore, and don't really have time for major injuries, so I'm taking it slow, seeing how my body responds to increased distance.  I find this goal really exciting.  I would love to check this one off my bucket list.  I have figured out that I'm going to have to invest in a hydration belt, because, as I've mentioned - it's hot.  I just can't go very far without water, and no one seems to be willing to set up water stations for me every mile or so - what's up with that?

Something to work towards gives me a reason to get out of bed in the mornings... and the fact that it's gonna be about a billion degrees by 10:30 gets me up and out early, so that's a good thing.

What's on your bucket list that you could check off this year?

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