Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

I am eternally grateful for my Mama. She taught me how to be a mama. She showed me how to be a mama. She demonstrated to me the honor and privilege that mothering is.

I am also forever thankful to my mother in law. She raised a stand up man in my husband. They just don't come any better than Brian, and I know that is, in large part, her doing.

I love being a mother. There is nothing in this world I feel a more clear calling to than mothering. I adore every one of my kids. You will not see a mama bear come in defense of her cubs any faster than if you hurt one of mine. 

I love my born-to-me children. They have given more joy than I can describe or express.  I love my gifted-to-me son. He is teaching me daily more and more of God's magnificent love and our capacity to love as well. I love the extras that God had so graciously given...through my children and through friendship with some of the greatest young people on the planet.
I love that we can honor this high calling today.  We should honor those that do this well. Not perfectly, for we are all broken, but that do the best they know how to love well.

But I also am newly reminded that this day is excruciatingly painful for some.

Children with mothers lost; mothers never known; mothers that, because they were likely never loved well, did not know how to love well.

Women that ache over empty wombs or empty arms. Women that weep for children they are estranged from. Women that feel they've failed their children and do not know how to make amends.

So today...rejoice with those who rejoice. But also, remember to mourn with those who mourn.

Happy Mother's Day y'all. May we all do our best to do this thing well.

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