Thursday, July 10, 2014

When Moms Resort To Public Shaming

I've spent the last week and a half sick, hacking up a lung and unable to exercise. Since exercise is my primary mental health therapy, I'm not entirely sure I should be held responsible for my thoughts and actions right now.

So, anyway, in light of that information, last night, in a fit of the mother-of-grown-childen blues, I posted the following Facebook status:

Okay, so.... Wow! I no longer feel alone in the world of moms-with-grown-sons-that-do-not-respond-immediately-to-their-psycho-mother's-every-whim!  I was not expecting nearly the likes and comments that I received, so thank you -- I feel like I'm in the company of many great, but also lonely, moms. :)

Also, I feel like it's only fair to update you... One of my sons almost immediately texted saying that he really, truly thought he had answered already. And because I'm nothing if not gracious... Forgiven.

The other? Apparently I've done such a fine job of raising him that he knows better than to be forced into action by passive/aggressive shaming... So, I'll pat myself on the back for at least one (and perhaps only one) parenting lesson well-learned and just try to track him down for his obligatory hug and free food  when I get there. ;)

Thanks for your support, guys!

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