Sunday, June 19, 2011

July – Fast for Freedom

I have so much – and I use it to impact so little.  I live in such abundance; I’m not even fully aware of what I have, and how much I waste.  I think it’s mine, and not God’s – to use for His good, and His glory.  I know God wants us to enjoy our life; that He smiles when we revel in His blessing, but I also know that it breaks His heart when I don’t use much of that abundance to bless others.


-         because 27 million people are in slavery around our world today,
-         because this is wrong, sinful, evil
-         because God calls us to do justice, to love mercy, to walk humbly with Him
-         because we are blessed with abundance beyond explanation
-         because we have a responsibility to use that abundance to make a difference
-         because throughout scripture and all of history, God used man to bring justice for the powerless, hope for the hopeless, love in the darkness
-         because the problem is overwhelmingly BIG
-         because our God is BIGGER

Because of all these things, here's what I'm committing to do:

For the month of July, I’m choosing some of my excess, and I’m fasting from that.  I’m setting the money back that I would have spent on that excess, and giving it to the A21 Campaign in their fight for justice and freedom.  If you don’t know what they do, look here:  (  I said earlier (here), that I didn't know what helping this cause would look like for a primarily stay-at-home mom in middle America, but this is a start for me.  It looks like this - I won't forget, I will pray, I will make others aware, I will change my life in ways that can make a difference for others...

Why am I telling you this now?  Because I’d like you to pray with me – about doing this, about what you can give up, for these people living in slavery, for those that run into the darkness to shine Jesus’ light and rescue these girls.  I realize some of you are already giving heart and soul for something God has called you to, and that's great.  But for some of you, this is that thing.  For some of you, there has never been anything, and this could be the first.

What are our excesses?

-         Do you stop every morning for coffee on the way to work?  Make it at home this month.
-         Do you pick up a soda on your break every day?  Skip it this month; it’s bad for us anyway. J
-         Do you eat out everyday at work, or school?  Take your lunch this month – or at least take your lunch a couple of times a week.
-         Do you smoke?  Now would be a great time to give that up!  (But not just for the month) J
-         Do you regularly get mani/pedis?  DIY this month and give the difference.
-         Are you a clothes horse/shop-a-holic?  Go with nothing new this month – give it away.
-         Do you eat a bowl of ice cream and oreos every night?  Give it up this month and give the grocery money saved.
-         Do you go see a movie every week?  Skip ‘em this month.  Rent a couple – its way cheaper.
-         Do you go on dates every week?  (Great idea, btw).  This month, make them cheap – picnics, bike rides, long walks, etc.  Give what you would have spent.
-         Do you tan?  Skip it this month.  Get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

I have a strong feeling that at the end of my life, I won’t care that I gave up Diet Cokes and eating out too much and in exchange, I helped a little girl find new life after slavery, or helped educate young girls on how to recognize the lies of a trafficker before she’s entrapped, or helped a father be re-united to his daughter, or helped put a brothel owner behind bars. 

Will you join me?

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